Diving Lesson

At Rec and Tek SCUBA Inc. we believe that scuba diving is not just a recreational sport but also a fellowship of unique explorers of the underwater world. There are so many facets of diving and so many avenues to take, including Wreck Diving, Low Impact Diving, Search and Recovery Diving, Recreational Diving, Technical Scuba Diving, Night Diving and leadership – just to name a few. 

Regardless of why you want to learn to scuba dive, your path begins with a sound foundation in scuba training. At Rec and Tek SCUBA Inc. it is our commitment to start every diver with a thorough education, in both Recreational and Technical scuba diving courses. 

Equipped with six professional scuba diving instructors, as well as the latest in scuba and snorkeling equipment, our team can offer comprehensive training at all levels. Divers can gain certification with the largest certification agency in the world through PADI.

We teach the following PADI, standardized courses:

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Discover Scuba

Book included: Yes Card included: No

Open Water Diver SCUBA Tune-up

Book included: Yes Card included: No

PADI Open Water Diver Course Complete Package

Save $50.00 by doing this package price, ask for details!

Package includes: training, insurance, pool, lifeguard, SCUBA equipment use on entire course, air fills, student kit, log book, check-out weekend, Certification Card.

Note: Required personal equipment - Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Boots.

Open Water Course - Class and Pool ONLY

Book included: Yes Card included: No

Open Water - Exit Dives ONLY

Includes Air Fills, SCUBA gear use *Personal equipment required*
Book included: No
Card included: Yes

Advanced Diver Course

*Away dive testing *
Book included: Yes
Card included: Yes

Rescue Diver Program

Note: E-learning fees are extra
Book included: Yes
Card included: Yes


Book is Extra
Card is Extra

Emergency First Response

Book included: Yes
Card included: Yes