SCUBA Diving Seminar on Photography and SCUBA Safety

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Here is the Seminar you have been waiting for! The ultimate guest speakers, great food, great stories, and beer! This would be for the non-diver as well!

Space is VERY Limited!!! We have room for about 50 people. This Seminar will be with our elite guest speakers Steve Lewis, Stuart Seldon, Joanna Suan, and Terry Irvine on Technical Diving, and fantastic National Geographic picture quality of local diving, and south diving.

Admission payable in advance at Rec & Tek SCUBA Inc. for $10.00 each person to come in for a night of amazing photographs, and Technical diving, being safe while doing our favorite sport!

**********There will be NO tickets sold at the door**********
Please, due to maximum people allowed in the space (Ontario Fire Code Regulation rules) ONLY registered persons will be allowed in, so register early, as I do expect this to sell out real fast!

This Seminar will be at a restaurant/bar private room so there will be food and drinks you can order.

About our Guest Speakers....

Steve Lewis:

Doppler! Good lord, that would be me; Steve Lewis. I am a dive-industry professional who makes his living as a training, marketing and product consultant for clients in the private and public sectors of the dive and dive related industries.

In addition, I am an active cave and wreck diver and hold an advanced trimix instructor-trainer rating. I’m lucky enough to teach all over North America and further afield when the opportunity presents itself. Those diver and instructor education programs focus on best practices for optimal dive planning and execution. What that means is that the real emphasis is on common sense and not teaching Muppet tricks.

In about 20 years of doing this stuff, I have logged more than 1600 staged decompression dives, 500 plus cave dives, and approximately 860 deep trimix dives. The cool thing is, I can still get enthusiastic about a bimble on a wreck or a reef in 20 metres because being underwater is way more fun than anything else.

Take care and dive safe.

Terry Irvine:

Terry was certified in 1987. He completed his cave training in 1995 and his Trimix training the following year. He completed his Closed Circuit Trimix Rebreather training in 2016.

Terry has actively documented shipwrecks and caves using video and photos since 2000. He has been an active contributor to Quest since 2001. Some of his video has been featured on the Outdoor Life Network and local media publications.

In 2016, Terry was part of an Explorer’s Club team that discovered and documented the steam locomotive CPR 694 in Lake Superior near Marathon, Ontario. Some of his photos and video were used for several newspaper articles, an article in Branchline Magazine and the documentary called “The Ties That Bind”.

In 2018, Terry was part of the diving team that documented the wreck of the Manasoo in Georgian Bay which has since been featured in Quest Magazine and Wreck Diver Magazine.

Terry has a keen passion for photographing Great Lakes shipwrecks and enjoys exploring sites in all five of the Lakes.

Stuart Seldon:

When I started diving at age 17, I was already an avid photographer. I shot mostly black and white film, since I could process it in my parents' basement. I can't say that I miss the stink of the chemicals, but there was something magical about watching an image materialize from nothing. Only months after my first dip below the waves, I bought a Nikonos III (basically a box with an o-ring) and a light-meter in a housing and set about wasting countless rolls of Kodachrome!

The images on these pages represent a few of my favorites made in recent years. I'll update them as new "faves" emerge but if any of them strike your fancy just let me know! It would be my pleasure to provide a print to you!

These days, I am shooting with an Aquatica-housed Nikon DSLR, a bag of lenses and a couple of Ikelite strobes. I count on this system, and it's never let me down.

Joanna Susan:

Growing up in landlocked Edmonton, Alberta, Joanna was always enamoured by the underwater world and it was on a family vacation at the age of 13 to Hawaii where a snorkelling adventure with a disposable underwater camera planted a seed.

It was not until her adult years living in London, Ontario did Joanna finally pursue her dream of breathing underwater. In 2003 she earned her Open Water certification and shortly thereafter, her Dive Master. During her time assisting Open Water courses, Joanna housed a simple digital point and shoot and the desire to bring back a snapshot of the world beneath the water line was reignited. In 2007 she took the plunge and housed her first DSLR camera and the rest is history, like her banking statements related to scuba diving expenses.

Joanna’s images have been used in a handful of marine text books and her image of the wheel from the wreck of the Minch in Tobermory was featured in the Canadian Museum of Nature’s travelling exhibition called “Canada’s Waterscapes”. Like most photographers, while she prefers to work behind the lens, Joanna has also appeared in front of the underwater camera and can be seen from time to time in some of PADI’s promotional materials and specialty course books and sometimes the top right hand corner of Stu Seldon’s images.

Please share this event, it was hard getting us all together at the same time! Chance of lifetime event!

Doors Open at 5:30 pm

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