Bimini Islands Dive Trip October 2021

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

$1950.00 USD Each person including all fees for a 10 day/9 Night Live-aboard SCUBA Diving Trip. (Your Port fees are collected by the crew upon arrival, of $60.00, So your trip is $1890.00 USD)
All included is Diving, Tank, weights, weight belts, fishing equipment, all meals, snacks, beverages including soda, juice, can beer. wine liquor etc.

The Strip - This 40' deep site features a 200' long strip of low profile coral heads that are teaming with marine life. Too many species to count inhabit this small reef system. Look carefully for the half dozen spotted scorpion fish that live here as well as the green spotted and goldentail morays.

Victory Reef - One of the premier reef systems in the Bahamas. This 35' - 70' sloping reef extends for over a mile and makes for a breath taking drift dive when the Gulf Stream current reaches this far east. When the current is slack, this site offers anything from juvenile spotted drums to large pelagic.

Hesperus - If you are a fan of turtles, you will love this wreck dive. On any given night, a half dozen or more enormous loggerhead turtles come to visit this wreck which sits in 18' of water on the Grand Bahama Bank. Greater amberjack, cobia, nurse sharks, lemon sharks and dozens of barracuda are amongst the other large creatures encountered here.

Sapona - This famous concrete wreck is equally rich in history and marine life. The depth is 15' but the top of the wreck is 33' above the surface. Dive or snorkel through the wreck in a non-overhead environment and be greeted by large, smiling porcupine fish. See if you can find one of the 50 caliber shells that are now encrusted in coral.Iowa natives Ray and Jeanie Temeyer purchased one of Jack Ott's boats in 2001 and the Shark 12 underwent a complete re-fit to become the Avalon. Ever since, the Avalon has been taking people out on sailing, exploring, and diving charters throughout the magical waters of the Bahamas.

The Avalon is a sixty-five foot ketch rigged sailboat. It was built in Miami, Florida by charter boat pioneer, Jack Ott. He built a fleet of charter boat vessels that operated in South Florida.

Ray came down the Mississippi River from Dubuque, Iowa on the Cindy Marie, across the Gulf of Mexico to Miami and then to the Bahamas. After spending a year on a "round the world expedition" with the farm-couple from Iowa who had built the Cindy Marie, he later spent a year crewing aboard an inner island cargo ship in the Caribbean.

After discovering their love for the ocean, high school sweeties Ray and Jeanie found themselves the first captain-cook team aboard Blackbeard Cruise's first boat, the Sea Explorer. And with that came some adventures of a lifetime for these Midwesterners.

Among their travels, they spent time working in the oil fields of Kentucky and back in Iowa with Jeanie teaching and Ray working for John Deere. But you know how people say, "the grass is always greener on the other side"? Well in their case, the seaweed was greener and they found themselves back in Florida and the Bahamas with the ocean at their side. Three children later, Ray and Jeanie purchased the Avalon, and decided to start their own sailing and diving charter business, now known as Lost Island Voyages. They have been running this family business single-handedly since 2001.

Lost Island Voyages strives to make each trip a unique experience. With only twelve passengers, they are able to customize each trip to accommodate every individual need. Lost Island Voyages welcomes non-divers, as well as divers. Beach parties, creek tours and island exploring are among some of their favorite activities alongside extraordinary diving and unbelievable sunsets. From Bimini and Grand Bahama, to Nassau and the Exuma Chain all the way down to Conception Island and San Salvador, Ray has spend the last thirty-plus years gathering knowledge of the Bahamian islands, waters, winds, creatures, culture and way of life. He uses all this to put together the perfect trip for those who yearn for incredible diving or snorkeling, and the unknown adventures that await them above and below the waterline.